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Dynamic Atlas
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Dynamic Atlas (DA)
Dynamic Atlas is a suite of information publishing and access tools developed by FAO-Environment, Climate Change and Bioenergy Division (NRC) and SKE Inc., Canada. Dynamic Atlas allows organizations to publish and access information from national to local scale by using technologies "ready-to-go", which means easy to implement and use.

DA Architecture, pict. by SKE These generic technologies enable the publishing of maps, databases, and documents with the click of a button. The diagram on the right outlines the architecture that is built around the concept of a corporate warehouse(s) of related data. Development and maintenance of systems based upon DA is very easy for organizations even in partnership with other units.

Dynamic Atlas components are:

Dynamic Maps

MAP It is the viewer of Dynamic Atlas. It displays "atlases" of data and information and allows users the browsing of maps, which are used as a "library" for related documents and web links. Dynamic Maps can easily export maps in PowerPoint and perform related data analysis in Excel. Integration with commercial databases is also supported. [Details..]

Dynamic Knowledgebase

MAP It provides the ability to quickly and easily set up and manage atlases for publishing to the desktop with Dynamic Maps and the web with Dynamic Web Maps Server. [Details..]

Dynamic Publisher

MAP It enables "atlases" and Dynamic Maps to be packaged for broad dissemination on CD/DVD, making the client installation process fully automated.

Dynamic Web Maps Server

MAP It enables the publishing over the Internet of maps as well as data, documents, URLs related to map features. [Details..]

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