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MApping Device–Change Analysis Tool (MAD-CAT)
MAD-CAT is a stand alone application that provides a combination of two different, but fully integrated set of functions:
  • Land cover mapping support. The software allows users to generate vector based land cover datasets using different interpretation techniques (visual, semi-automatic, fully automatic).
  • Detection and validation, on statistical basis, of land cover changes. Detection of changes will be done in different modes:
    (a) on an already existing vector layer (whole to whole, on the base of polygons selected by a "pattern recognition" filter);
    (b) on statistically sound sample areas.

The software is directly linked with LCCS and it is able to manage LCCS classes and LCCS cartographic standards.

Current GLCN policy on MAD-CAT distribution restricts its use to FAO related projects. Future changes of this restriction will be immediately published on this site or through other resources.

For any information related to this software, please contact us.

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