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Advanced Database Gateway (ADG)
ADG ADG is a cross-cutting interrogation software that allows the easy and fast recombination of land cover polygons according to the individual end-user requirements. Aggregated land cover classes can be generated not only by name, but also using the set of existing classifiers.

The main ADG graphical interface provides:
  1. main drop-down menu
  2. standard toolbar
  3. phase menu
  4. map and graph views
  5. map and graph toolbars
Most of ADG functionalities are grouped in four sections/phases:
  2. CHECK UP (legends/reports)
    -Aggregation modalities
    -Display ADG legend
    -Class editing
  4. APPLICATION (Ratios/Points Identify)
The group SELECTION supports users with different modalities for selecting polygons, either interacting with the map view ('selection by rectangle' in linked figure) or doing a "theme on theme" selection by using areas coming from a diffent database.

The group CHECK UP includes functions that allow users to check and visualize land cover data according to the LCCS legend (linked figure shows list of classifiers). Different map and report visualizations can be run.

The group ANALYSIS allows users to create (linked figure shows step in creating new class), edit, AND apply an ADG legend as well as the layer statistics, and also provides exporting options.

The group APPLICATION collects modules performing specific analyses on the data. Currently, grid ratios of land cover classes (example in linked figure) and points identify are the available analyses.

Connecting to ADG Server
ADG server connection ADG uses land cover data with an LCCS legend. These data can be local, or can be dowloaded from a remote server.
The characteristic of this functionality is that ADG has to be installed on an Internet-enabled workstation, and that ADG compliant land cover data have to be published on a server accessible through the HTTP protocol.

FAO has recently published Africover aggregated land cover data on its server, ready to be displayed into ADG software. To do so, please insert the following URL in the address box of the Server Connection window, and connect to it. The example above refers to the Tanzania database.
Following are the currently published maps:

DR Congohttp://dwms.fao.org/adg/DRCongo

ADG client can display maps to support the user identification of the area of interest (AOI) that will be used to request the download of the land cover data set.

A security mechanism based on a predefined user authorization and limitation in the downloadable polygons is implemented and administrated at server level.

Food and Agriculture Organizations of UN United Nations Environment Programme Istituto Agronomico Oltremare (IAO) Italian Cooperation
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