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The Geographical Vector Interpretation System (GeoVis) (see figure below) is a vector-based editing system specifically designed for thematic interpretation. Hence, it facilitates and speeds up all mapping activities based on remote sensing data.

Geovis graphical interface

It is a user-friendly system that embeds the main tools of vector drawing and editing, including topological functions, with advanced capabilities of raster management and a direct link with LCCS (Land Cover Classification System).

The GeoVis software has been developed by the Italian software house Terranova. The live-link with LCCS makes it possible to immediately assign a specific land cover class to a polygon. The resulting classified vector map is a final product and can be exported to e.g. ESRI-ArcView to perform further GIS based manipulation or modelling.

GeoVIS is property of FAO and as such is available only for UN Agencies, Organizations and National institutions dealing with FAO. Users not belonging to and not dealing with such organizations are not allowed to use GeoVis.

If you are an FAO partner you can use GeoVIS as freeware. You can download your free copy of the software and request FAO Africover for a software key. Thus, you shall be required to provide us with the registration number that appears after installing the software; we will then provide you with the relevant software key.

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