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Dynamic Atlas
LCCS3 Basic Coder
GLCN CD cover Through its outreach activities programme, GLCN promotes the distribution of free software (such as LCCS, GeoVis/MAP, MadCat, ADG etc..), manuals and tutorials in support of land cover mapping programmes around the world.
Following is the list of components of the "GLCN tools set".

LCCS 2 software

LCCS2 software LCCS software has been developed based on the experience gained from numerous United Nations, international and country mapping activities, including the Africover, the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS), and other initiatives. [Details..]


GeoVIS at Africover GeoVIS, which features an extensive number of functionalist specifically designed to perform visual interpretation of remotely sensed images efficiently. The systems is based on topological vector engine and provides simple image processing tools functional to the interpretation. [Details..]

Mapping Accuracy Program (MAP)

MAP MAP is a statistical program that allows the automatic calculation of thematic mapping accuracy using different methods and different expected level of statistical confidence. The accuracy assessment methods used are both qualitative and quantitative. [Details..]

Advanced Database Gateway (ADG)

MAP ADG is a cross-cutting interrogation software which allows the easy and fast recombination of the land cover polygons, not only by class name but also by classifiers. It allows end-users to create their own classes using the set of existing classifiers by selectively recombining the database polygons. [Details..]

MApping Device–Change Analysis Tool (MAD-CAT)

MAD-CAT MAD-CAT provides an integrated analysis environment in support of land cover mapping activities, i.e. by generating vector datasets using different interpretation techniques (visual, semi-automatic, fully automatic). Also, MAD-CAT supports detection and validation, on statistical basis, of land cover changes. [Details..]


The Vegetation Dynamics Software is a specialized application to calculate the mean NDVI of polygons allowing land cover databases to be enriched with vegetation phenology data.

Dynamic Atlas

MAP Dynamic Atlas is a suite of information publishing and access tools developed by FAO and SKE, Inc. These technologies enable the publishing of maps, databases, and documents by using GIS desktop systems and Web-based interfaces. It is very easy to grow and maintain even in partnership with other organizations. [Details..]

LCCS3 Basic Coder

QGIS QGis Plugin (developed in PYTHON) aiming at facilitating the use of LCCS3 legends, built upon LCML (Land Cover Meta Language), to code geographical features. It has a user friendly interface for fast coding.

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