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Then, try the following:
  • In Internet Explorer:
    • turn OFF the popup windows blocker from the Tools menu;
    • click on the PDF link (try also with the CTRL button down);
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    • turn OFF the popup windows blocker from the Options/Content tab;
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The following publications have been posted in Adobe PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.

series cover
LCCS 2 Manual EN (english) [PDF, 10.72 MB]
LCCS 2 Manual ES (spanish) [PDF, 35 MB]
LCCS 2 Manual: part 1 (arabic) [PDF, 9.7 MB]
LCCS 2 Manual: intro (arabic) [PDF, 15.2 MB]
LCCS 2 Manual: part 2 (arabic) [PDF, 10.7]
LCCS 2 Manual: annex A-B (arabic) [PDF, 40 MB]
LCCS 2 Manual: annex C-E (arabic) [PDF, 240 MB]
series cover Dynamic Maps 3.1 Manual
Software manual (english)
  [PDF, 1.22 MB]
series cover Dynamic Knowledgebase 3.1 Manual
Software manual (english)
  [PDF, 1.63 MB]
series cover Dynamic Publisher 3.1 Manual
Software manual (english)
  [PDF, 423 KB]
series cover Dynamic Web Maps Server 3.1 Manual
Software manual (english)
  [PDF, 1.54 MB]
series cover GeoVIS Manual
Software manual (english)
  [PDF, 16.50 MB]

Food and Agriculture Organizations of UN United Nations Environment Programme Istituto Agronomico Oltremare (IAO) Italian Cooperation
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