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FAO just made available to all users the full resolution land cover databases of the AFRICOVER project countries: Burundi, DRC, Egypt, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda).
These multipurpose datasets were produced from visual interpretation of LANDSAT TM satellite images between mid 90's and early 2000. Information and data can be displayed/downloaded through the FAO's geo-catalogue: GeoNetwork.
Global Land Cover SHARE
glcshare logo GLC-SHARE database of year 2014, beta-release 1.0, is a global land cover data under one roof representing the most-reliable global view of planetary land cover assembled to-date. Click here for more info and download.
Tools: MAD-CAT
 MAD-CAT is a stand alone application that integrates land cover mapping, change detection and validation functions. It allows delineations from satellite imagery using object-based classification techniques. [more..]
LCCS3: towards LCCM
 The version 3 of LCCS builds upon the Land Cover Classification Model (LCCM) developed by using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). LCCM allows creating classes of land cover through an object-based approach. [more..]
The GLCN initiative (brochure) is the result of a common effort of partners and sponsors to answer the need, expressed by the international community, for a standardized global land cover database. This initiative has been launched at the conference "Strategies for Global Land Cover Mapping and Monitoring" held in Florence 6-8 May 2002.
  • Harmonize land cover definitions, classification systems, mapping and monitoring specifications.
  • Develop standards for global mapping.
  • Initiate building of a global database.
  • Promote outreach initiatives on development methodologies and applications of land cover data.
  • Provide advisory services.
  • Function as an international, politically neutral and not-for-profit clearinghouse for land cover information at global and regional levels.
multi-date Landsat imagery
multi-date landsat imagery

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