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Original legends
LCCS software allows the translation, into LCCS language, of legends generated with other classification systems.

Before starting to download or translate your legend, please be aware that this task should be performed by people with previous experience on LCCS and its features. If you need support in generating translated legends, contact us for information on the Land Cover Topic Centre services.

If you feel you are a skilled user, you can download a translation form (see below) with filling instructions. Please note that all the traslations made by external users are not recognized by GLCN.

If you want a certified translation, you may contact us, but you can still read the translation form and filling instructions to gather general information on the required data.

If you need more information on the LCCS translation functions and on the LCCS Translator Module, please refer to the software manual.

title description filesize
Translation form Translation form and filling instructions 0.3 MB
South Africa translation Original and LCCS translated legend files 3.6 MB

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