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Landsat satellite imagery
Through its outreach activities programme, GLCN promotes the distribution of base satellite imagery to workshop participants. National coverage of Landsat images is distributed using DVDs or large storage devices (cover sample on the right).

The availability of such data sets is a great support for agricultural trends analysis, landcover changes studies and the concomitant loss of natural ecosystems (agricultural, urban, forestry, deforestation, land degradation), holistic and integrated approach to the conservation and sustainable use of land resources, etc.

Chart Landsat Availability The FAO archive of Landsat images (chart of availability) was received by the University of Maryland, United States.

Images are being acquired since 1972 through six operational satellites and three different sensors:
  • Multispectral Scanner (MSS): The MSS acquired imagery in four channels (2 visible, 2 near-infrared) at 79-meter resolution. The MSS was included on Landsat-1 through Landsat-5.
  • Thematic Mapper (TM): The TM provide imagery in 7 multispectral channels (3 visible, 1 near-infrared, 2 mid-infrared, 1 thermal-infrared) at 30-meter resolution (120-meter resolution for the thermal-infrared band). The TM was included on Landsat 4 and 5.
  • Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+): The ETM+ instrument currently flying on Landsat-7 is similar to the TM, but adds an extra 15-meter resolution panchromatic band, and improved resolution for the thermal-infrared band (60-meters).

The figure below shows the global coverage of Landsat scenes available through the GLCN data distribution programme:

Map Landsat Availability

If you have questions or technical issues to submit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional Landsat sources:

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