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Land cover change
Land cover is subject to dynamics driven by anthropogenic and natural alterations. It is possible to monitor cover changes by using time series of satellite imagery.

Kenya Land Cover Change Analysis

The AFRICOVER land cover database for Kenya (1:200,000 scale) was used to detect and quantify changes against the available Geocover set of satellite imagery (three decades, 1980-2000). [Details..]

Senegal Land Cover Change Analysis

Within the LADA framework, an analysis of land cover changes in Senegal was carried out. The analysis covered all the 60 classes present in the Senegal 2005 Land Cover legend; particular attention was given to the more sensitive areas such as Forest, Agricultural land and Urban areas using images taken in two dates: 1990 and 2005. [Details..]

Libya Land Cover Change Analysis

The land cover change assessment of Libya was conducted as one of the activities of the "Mapping of Natural Resources for Agricultural Use and Planning in Libya" (LIB/00/004) project. A comparative analysis between the land cover visual interpretation of 1980's, 1990's and 2000's Landsat dataset (MSS, TM, ETM) and Ikonos satellite data was performed. [Details..]

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