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Land cover
Land cover change
Land cover derived
Satellite imagery
Mapping with LCCS
Original legends
SRTM DVD cover Through its outreach activities programme, GLCN promotes the distribution of base datasets in support of land cover mapping programmes around the world. Datasets such as Landsat satellite imagery, land cover and SRTM based global DEMs are distributed on DVDs (cover sample on the right) or large storage devices .
Following is a collection resources, data and supporting products, available through this portal.

Land cover

GLCN is involved in numerous global, regional and national initiatives and projects related to land cover and environmental databases development. [Details..]

Land cover change

With the availability of historical and recent global archives of free satellite imagery, and by taking advantage of methodologies and tools developed in the GLCN programme framework, initiatives on the detection of land cover change over the last 20-30 years have been conducted at regional and national scale. [Details..]

Land cover-derived data

LCCS-based land cover databases contain information that can be used to derive indices representing spatial relations within different land cover/land use types. [Details..]

Landsat satellite imagery

Through its outreach activities programme, GLCN promotes the distribution of base satellite imagery to workshop participants and in general to the GLCN community. [Details..]

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) mosaics

GLCN promotes the distribution to the user community of processed digital elevation data (DEM) derived from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) archive. [Details..]

Mapping with LCCS

The LCCS is rapidly being adopted by both national and international organizations and initiatives. [Details...]

Original legends

The Legend Module of LCCS allows users to take land cover classes and store them in a hierarchical structure that groups the classes according to the main land cover type. [Details...]


LCCS software allows the translation into LCCS language of legends generated with other classification systems. [Details...]

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