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Vulnerable ecosystems
Case studies
Projects and case studies in the framework of GLCN
  • 2. Vulnerability of Ecosystem Services in Deltaic Systems: Nile

    project thumbnail Raise awareness about threats to deltas and make available a comprehensive, high quality base of information on physical, environmental, ecological, and sociological threats to a region's deltas, as an aid to more integrated science and management..

  • 4. Libya Land Cover Change Analysis

    project thumbnail The land cover change assessment of Libya was conducted as one of the activities of the "Mapping of Natural Resources for Agricultural Use and Planning in Libya" (LIB/00/004) project. A comparative analysis between the land cover visual interpretation of ..

  • 6. Kenya Land Cover Change Analysis

    project thumbnail The AFRICOVER land cover database for Kenya (1:200,000 scale) was used to detect and quantify changes against the available Geocover set of satellite imagery (three decades, 1980-2000)..

  • 7. Senegal Land Cover Change Analysis

    project thumbnail Within the LADA framework, an analysis of land cover changes in Senegal was carried out. The analysis covered all the 60 classes present in the Senegal 2005 Land Cover legend; particular attention was given to the more sensitive areas such as Forest..

  • 8. Field Area Ratio: probability of mechanization

    project thumbnail LCCS-based land cover databases contain information that can be used to derive indices representing spatial relations within different land cover/land use types. The Field Area Ratio represents a value of areas characterized from lower probability of mech..

  • 9. Production of a Land Cover Map and Database for Iraq

    project thumbnail The database covers part of the territory of Iraq at a scale of 1:500.000 and based on 18 Landsat ETM satellite imagery provided by the FAO acquired on two separate dates in 2001. The database meets all the FAO standards and conforms to the FAO..

  • 10. Land Cover Mapping Project for Yemen

    project thumbnail This project, under the auspices GCP/YEM/021/NET, concerns a land cover inventory of Yemen to support an overall mission of natural resources monitoring and analysis in the country..

  • 11. Jordan National Programme for Rangeland Rehabilitation and Development

    project thumbnail This is an FAO project (TCP/JOR/0067) realized between 2000 and 2003. The overall objective was to establish a Rangeland Environmental Information Management System (REIMS) for the collection, analysis and evaluation of environmental data..

  • 12. Lebanon: Building a Capacity for Enhanced Spatial Data Management

    project thumbnail This is an FAO project realized between 2001 and 2003. The Lebanese government has requested FAO technical assistance, under the Technical Cooperation Programme, to assist its Ministry of Agriculture to better enable it to monitor and provide advise..

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