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Regional activities
The GLCN initiative brings together national technical staff in the field of Remote Sensing/GIS, Agriculture, Forestry, Pasture/Rangeland, Environment, and Food Security to develop a network at the regional and global scale to adopt the standardization of land cover measurement methods and develop regional and global land cover products. The collaboration involves not only data providers but also data users and policy-makers.

Regional HArmonization Programme (RHAP)

The GLCN RHAP initiative is a further extension/reinforcement of the regional activities. The idea is to use the GLCN programme as a catalyst to initiate a broad process of harmonization of thematic and cartographic standards to analyze and monitor natural resources. [Details..]

Regional awareness workshops

GLCN organizes regional awareness workshops with the aim to disseminate GLCN methodologies and approach to promote or initiate regional collaboration on land cover projects. [Details..]

Other regional activities

Training workshops and other activities have generated substantial interest in mapping institutions from numerous regions. As consequence, various collaborations are already established to promote the use of LCCS for land cover mapping initiatives.

  • AFRICOVER: GLCN is based on the success of the Africover project. It was established to develop a digital georeferenced database on land cover and a geographic referential for the whole of Africa including geodetical homogeneous referential, toponomy, roads and hydrography. [Details..]
  • WEST AFRICA: As follow-up to the West African workshop, a regional consultant has been employed by GLCN to help countries submit proposals for national and regional GLCN mapping activity.
  • ASIACOVER: It concerns the development and the application of a multi-purpose environmental and natural resources information base for food security and sustainable development in South East Asia. [Details..]
Latin America
  • National institutions of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are developing a joint project to map a region on the border of the three countries.
  • National institutions of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, are developing a funding proposal for a regional LCCS based initiative.

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